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Zurgbot Gatsby Starter

Here's What You Get

Getting Started


Quick Start

Run the following in your favorite terminal:

gatsby new [directory]

Starting from Scratch

yarn global add gatsby-cli
  • Inside the directory of your choice, scaffold a new Gatsby site:
gatsby new [directory]

For example, if I want my installation in ~/Code/new-gatsby-site, I would navigate to ~/Code and run:

gatsby new new-gatsby-site
  • Navigate to your new directory and run:
yarn develop
  • You should now be running a new Gatsby site locally! 🎉

More Details

Why Did I Include X Package?


CSS-in-JS is all the rage right now, but stylesheets have a lot of advantages unless you're building an application the size of Facebook (exaggeration). When using stylesheets, Sass provides a lot of power to make working with it dynamic with well thought out ways of managing imports to focus style development.


Bulma has a lot of good things going for it, like it's developer friendly nature and it's customization options. I particularly like it's use of flexbox for columns (though others have similar qualities).

React Helmet

Working with the <head> is hard, and Helmet makes this easy.

React Icons

This package makes working with icons fun again, with little hassle, a wide variety of icons, and importantly, it renders the components as an SVG node which is great for an app. Bonus: it includes Font Awesome, which has a lot of great icons.


Eslint is a great framework for JS linting and is the backbone of most linting applications.


Prettier does a bit better of a job managing formatting, so it's set up to run on top of the Eslint config rather than maintaining 2.


StyleLint gives us the ability to provide similar linting and formatting that we would get with Eslint and Prettier for our Scss.


Jest is pretty easy to set up and use. It's also pretty fast which is a nice bonus.


Enzyme makes testing React components simpler with it's APIs around rendering out the components.


Husky provides a good easily manageable way to set up git hooks. Particularly here, we run linting before a commit is able to be complete.

Lint Staged

Rather than run linting on every single file every single commit, we can use lint staged to only run on the files that are... well... staged on git.


Bump provides a nice simple interface for working with versioning your app. Running bump along with the desired options gives you automation for git tagging, changelogs, npm package version increment, and more.



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