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    Source plugin for pulling data into Gatsby from Plone sites using plone.restapi.

    Full documentation.


    npm install --save gatsby-source-plone

    How to use

    // In your gatsby-config.js
    plugins: [
        resolve: `gatsby-source-plone`,

    How to query

    You can query nodes created from Plone like the following:

      allPloneDocument {
        edges {
          node {
            text {


      allPloneNewsItem {
        edges {
          node {


    Code Checkout

    Checkout sources from github:

    git clone

    Set up Node

    Make sure you use the latest NodeJS LTS version (currently 8.11.1). We recommend to use nvm for local development.

    Set up Docker

    We use Docker for handling the backend plone.restapi, and so it's required to have docker-compose installed.


    Build project frontend:

    make purge  # if you already put some data into plone site 
    make init-backend  # Feeding automatic data into the plone site 
    make build # this command build the frontend for this plugin 

    you will see a site running at localhost:8000 similar to

    Dev Environment

    Watch changes in Gatsby development mode:

    make watch

    Build Gatsby:

    make build

    Serve Gatsby build:

    make serve

    Stop Plone API server (started by any of the above):

    make stop-backend

    Clean everything and reset the environment:

    make purge


    Run unit tests:

    make test

    Watch unit tests:

    make watch-test

    Run both unit tests and acceptance tests:

    make test-all

    This command will automatically fire up the Plone backend, build and start Gatsby and the execute the selenium-based acceptance tests.

    Acceptance tests depend on currently available Plone backend content. Ensure that your Plone backend includes also the tested content with:

    make import-fixture

    or replace Plone backend content with the test data with:

    make init-backend

    Publish Markdown docs at ./docs into Plone backend with:

    make publish-to-backend

    and export Plone backend data into importable fixture (for CI) with:

    make export-fixture

    Prettier Configuration

    This project uses Prettier for code formatting, the .prettierrc file contains the requisite custom settings the project

    It's recommended that you setup Format on Save so that your editor takes care of this automatically for you. In Visual Studio Code this can be setup in project by adding the following to your Workspace settings (or in .vscode/settings.json), while having the VSCode plugin for Prettier installed:

      "editor.formatOnSave": true


    npm i gatsby-source-plone

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