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A Gatsby source plugin for sourcing data into your Gatsby application from file in a GCP Storage bucket.

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The plugin creates GCPFile nodes from files in GCP Storage. It then uses the gatsby-source-filesystem to download a local copy of the files from GCP, and generate File nodes. The various "transformer" plugins can transform the File nodes into various other types of data e.g. gatsby-transformer-json transforms JSON files into JSON data nodes and gatsby-transform-remark transforms markdown files into MarkdownRemark nodes from which you can query and HTML representation of the markdown.


This is very much an alpha project at the moment, so handle with care!

There are no unit tests, and it's 'options' should be considered volatile for the time being. It doesn't work well with gatsby develop as it doesn't spot changes to GCP storage buckets to trigger a refresh. You'll probably need to use gatsby clean between runs, as it's caching isn't great. Finally, it doesn't support ignore globs at the moment (work in progress), so it'll pull every file from the bucket it's pointed at.


npm: npm install --save gatsby-source-gcp-storage

How to use


tokenPath Path to a GCP JSON token for a service account with access to the storage bucket to be used.

bucket The name of the bucket to query

directory The directory in the bucket to query

ignore Not currently supported

How to query

For now, as this is an alpha, it's best to use the GraphQL Explorer to see what's produced as things are potentially in a state of flux.

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