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Gatsby PLUGIN Commentator

This plugin adds comment feature to a GatsbyJS website. The goal is to abstract out all the details for posting and storing of comments in a GatsbyJS website.

It gives a barebone commenting system which gives the developer consuming this plugin the total control of the look and feel of gatsby-plugin-commentator elements.

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See it here


npm install gatsby-plugin-commentator
// or
yarn add gatsby-plugin-commentator

Include it among the plugins in the gatsby-config.js file of a GatsbyJS website project folder.

module.exports = {
    plugins: [
        // ......
            resolve: "gatsby-plugin-commentator",
            {website: ""}

Lastly, make a DOM element available at any component rendered with id="commentContainer"

<!-- Single post listing page -->
<section id="commentContainer"></section>

That's all!

Component Classnames

  • commentator-comment-cont:

  • commentator-title: Classname for the <h2> element

  • commentator-comment-list: Classname for the parent <ul> of the comments

  • commentator-comment-list-item: Classname for the <li> element. It is a direct child of <ul class="commentator-comment-list">

  • commentator-comment-author: The className for the <div> holding the author of the comment.

  • commentator-comment-date: The className for the <span> holding the date.

  • commentator-comment-content: Classname for a div holding all the comment body/content.

  • commentator-comment-form: Classname for the <form> element

  • commentator-name-input: Classname for the <input name="name"> that collects the name of the commentator

  • commentator-comment-input: Classname for the <textarea name="content" /> that collects the comment content.

  • commentator-feedback: The className for the <span> elements that gives the state of a form during submission. It also supports .info for general information, .error for error feedback and .success for successful operation feedback.

  • commentator-comment-btn: The className for the form submit button.


To load fresh comments, the server has to be restarted.

Built with 💕💕💕 by Aleem Isiaka

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