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    A Gatsby starter for creating blogs from headless Ghost CMS.

    Turn your Ghost blog into a lightning fast static website. This Gatsby theme is a front-end replacement of the Ghost Handlebars engine featuring the Balsa skin and functionality. All content is sourced from a headless Ghost CMS.

    This starter is being used at Draftbox. Get lightning fast, secure front-end for your WordPress or Ghost blog, in 5 minutes or less, without coding. For our fellow devs, we also provide code export feature.


    Play with the Demo to get a first impression.



    • Balsa Skin from Draftbox
    • SEO optimized
    • Fully responsive
    • Gatsby images
    • Styled 404 page
    • RSS Feed
    • AMP Pages
    • Sitemap
    • Contact Form
    • Subscribe Form
    • Social Sharing
    • Google Analytics Integration
    • Segment Integration
    • Disqus Integration
    • Composable and extensible

    Getting Started

    1. Install this starter by running

      gatsby new try-ghost
    2. Change directory

      cd try-ghost
    3. Run

      gatsby develop

      and visit your site at http://localhost:8000.

    🧐 What's inside?

    A quick look at the top-level files and directories you'll see in a Gatsby project.

    ├── node_modules
    ├── static
    ├── .gitignore
    ├── gatsby-config.js
    ├── yarn.lock
    ├── package.json
    1. /node_modules: This directory contains all of the modules of code that your project depends on (npm packages) are automatically installed.

    2. /static: This directory will contain all of the static files required by theme such as favicon, logo and robot.txt.

    3. .gitignore: This file tells git which files it should not track / not maintain a version history for.

    4. gatsby-config.js: This is the main configuration file for a Gatsby site. This is where you can specify information about your site (metadata) like the site title and description, which Gatsby plugins you’d like to include, etc. (Check out the config docs for more detail).

    5. yarn.lock (See yarn.lock below, first). This is an automatically generated file based on the exact versions of your npm dependencies that were installed for your project. (You won’t change this file directly).

    6. package.json: A manifest file for Node.js projects, which includes things like metadata (the project’s name, author, etc). This manifest is how npm knows which packages to install for your project.

    7. A text file containing useful reference information about your project.


        module.exports = {
            siteUrl: ``, // Do not include a trailing slash!
            postsPerPage: 12, //for future use
            siteTitleMeta: `Gatsby Starter Ghost CMS`, // This allows an alternative site title for meta data for pages.
            siteDescriptionMeta: `Gastby Starter with Ghost CMS and Casper Skin`, // This allows an site description for meta data for pages.
            shareImageWidth: 1000, // Change to the width of your default share image
            shareImageHeight: 523, // Change to the height of your default share image
            shortTitle: `Ghost`, // Used for App manifest e.g. Mobile Home Screen
            siteIcon: `favicon.png`, // Logo in /static dir used for SEO, RSS, and App manifest
            backgroundColor: `#e9e9e9`, // Used for Offline Manifest
            themeColor: `#15171A`, // Used for Offline Manifest

    In the configuration shown above, the most important fields to be changed are siteUrl, siteTitleMeta and siteDescriptionMeta. Update at least those to fit your needs.

    Ghost Content API keys

    All content is sourced from a Ghost CMS. If you don't customize the file .ghost.json content is fetched from the demo location at Surely you want to source your own content. Change the keys to match your own Ghost CMS Content API keys:



        gatsby build

    After completion of the build process your static site can be found in the public/ folder. Copy those files over to your webserver.


    You can disable the default Ghost Handlebars theme front-end by enabling the Make this site private flag within your Ghost settings. This enables password protection in front of the Ghost install and sets <meta name="robots" content="noindex" /> so your Gatsby front-end becomes the source of truth for SEO.



    PRs are welcome! Consider contributing to this project if you are missing feature that is also useful for others.

    Copyright & License

    Copyright (c) 2020 Draftbox - Released under the MIT license.




    npm i gatsby-ghost-balsa-starter

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