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    This package provides additional Cypress commands for testing Gatsby websites.

    NOTE: This package is not required to use Gatsby and Cypress together. It only exists to add extra commands for convenience.

    To use these commands, first install the necessary packages:

    npm install cypress gatsby-cypress start-server-and-test --save-dev

    Add custom Gatsby testing commands

    Next, add a new file located at cypress/support/index.js and add the Gatsby-specific Cypress commands:

    import "gatsby-cypress/commands"

    Once imported, the following additional commands are available:

    • cy.waitForRouteChange(): Waits for Gatsby to finish the route change, in order to ensure event handlers are properly setup. Example:

      // after navigating to another page via a link
    • [no longer recommended] cy.getTestElement(selector): Selects elements where the data-testid attribute matches the value of selector. Example:

      <button data-testid="btn-to-test">click me</button>

      NOTE: It’s recommended not to use test IDs. Instead, consider using cypress-testing-library and relying on findByText instead.

    Running Cypress tests in Gatsby

    Add a new script in package.json to run the Cypress tests. A common name for this is cy:open.

    You also need to expose a CYPRESS_SUPPORT environment variable to enable Gatsby test utilities. Place it in your test script in package.json, for example:

      "scripts": {
        ... other scripts ...
    +   "cy:open": "cypress open",
    +   "test:dev": "CYPRESS_SUPPORT=y start-server-and-test develop http://localhost:8000 cy:open",
    +   "test": "CYPRESS_SUPPORT=y npm run build && start-server-and-test serve http://localhost:9000 cy:open"

    NOTE: test:dev runs the site in development mode, which allows you to quickly fix and retest any issues. test is better suited for build systems like Circle CI, Travis CI, etc.

    Writing Cypress tests for Gatsby pages

    Add tests by creating a spec file. We recommend starting with a cypress/integrations/index.spec.js to test the home page:

    context("Homepage", () => {
      beforeEach(() => {
      it("has focusable buttons", () => {
        cy.findByText("click me").focus()
        cy.focused().should("have.text", "click me")


    npm i gatsby-cypress

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