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Gardr Collapse Plugin

Gardr plugin to collapse sections (typically banners, but can be used for anything) that are less than a minimum number of pixels (default 10).


npm install gardr-plugin-host-collapse --save


Add these to your hostBundle.js file:

    var collapse = require('gardr-plugin-host-collapse');

The plugin will be called for each item after render, and will set display: none on any that are less than the minimum number of pixels.

The default minimum is 10 pixels. You can also configure your own threshold using gardr options (define-options). The plugin will use the configured options if they exist.

Configure custom thresholds like this, in script.js:

    var gardr = gardrHost({
        iframeUrl: '', // cross-domain
        collapseIfWidthLessThan  : 20,
        collapseIfHeightLessThan : 20