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A utility to let you use modern web technologies when building your PhoneGap apps.



npm install gapserver -g


  1. Create a new PhoneGap project in XCode
  2. Add your www folder to your XCode project (if XCode 4)
  3. Navigate to your www directory in terminal
  4. Run: gapserver --startapp
  5. Run: gapserver and go to http://localhost:3000 in your browser
  6. Code away...
  7. When you are ready to deploy to your device. Run: gapserver --generate
  8. Build in XCode


CoffeScript support comes out of the box. Just place your .coffee files anywhere within your www folder and then reference the files with the same path, but with a .js extension.

Example: Coffee: www/scripts/ Jade: script(src="scripts/app.js")


Stylus support is very similar to coffeescript support. Place your styl files anywhere inside your www folder and refrence them with a .css extension.


templates/index.jade is where your primary app template code should live. You can also use partials to split up your template code. See the example folder for how to accomplish that.

Auto Generate in on XCode Build

Coming Soon