Ganam style is a style guide parser

Ganam Style

Ganam style is a style guide render, inspired by kneath/kss. It is written in nodejs, helps web developers to write a style guide.

It's easy to install ganam with npm:

$ npm install ganam

Writing a style (stylus, css) that ganam can parse. A basic overview:

1.1 Classy Buttons
Classy buttons is clickable form action buttons,
it is widely usage in forms.
:hover - button when hovered
:disabled - button when disabled
.disabled - the same as :disabled
    <button class="classy {{modifier}}">Button</button
    <a class="button-classy {{modifier}}">Button</a>
a.button-classy {
  color: #d64;
button.classy:hover {
  color: #000;

Parse code and get the sections:

var ganam = require('ganam');
var sections = ganam(code);

Sections is a list of section, a section contains:

    "name": "1.1",
    "title": "Classy Buttons"
    "description": "Classy buttons is clickable form action buttons,\nit is widely usage in forms.",
    "modifiers": [
        {"name": ":hover", "description": "button when hovered"},
        {"name": ":disabled", "description": "button when disabled"},
        {"name": ".disabled", "description": "the same as :disabled"}
    "html": "<button class='classy {{modifier}}'>Button</button\n<a class='button-classy {{modifier}}'>Button</a>",
    "examples": [
        {"name": "", "code": "<button class='classy '>Button</button>......"},
        {"name": ":hover", "code": "<button class='classy pseudo-class-hover'>Button</button>......"},
        {"name": ":disabled", "code": "<button class='classy pseudo-class-disabled'>Button</button>......"},

Ganam style a directory:

var ganam = require('ganam');'./foo.styl', function(styleguide) {

A styleguide is something like:

    "order": 1,
    "filepath": "./foo.styl",
    "css": "button.classy {.....}",
    "sections": [....]

Ganam style a directory synchronously:

var ganam = require('ganam');
var styleguide = ganam.styleSync('./bar.styl');

We have a live example for you: styleguide. The code is of this styleguide is located at: ganam/docs/guide. This styleguide is built with nico.

Find more information about nico and get nico with:

$ npm install nico -g

Have a look at the config file nico.json of this project, and learn how to use it. BTW, you must have ganam installed to active GanamWriter.