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Ganache Snapshot

This plugin provides an easy and robut way to make and revert ganache snapshots for smart contract development. Generally speaking, this is a development tool for testing long sequences of transactions.

Installing the Plugin

To install the latest stable version from NPM:

$ npm install -g ganache-snapshot

Configuration & Usage

Currently, the plugin must be activated on a per-project basis. If ganache-snapshot was installed to the Truffle project root, it will attempty to automatically include itself into truffle-config.js. If installed globally, you will need to manually add the following to truffle-config.js in the root directory of your Truffle project to enable the plugin:

module.exports = {
    plugins: [ "ganache-snapshot" ]

Note also that, currently, the development network of the truffle configuration should be uncommented. That is, development network is the hardcoded web3Provider and is expected to be declared.

Usage Example - CLI

# Make sure that Ganache is running (in a separate terminal) 
SNAP_ID=$(truffle run snapshot make)
# send some transaction... 
truffle run snapshot revert $SNAP_ID

Usage Example - truffle test

An example contract has been provided here and the use case is found in test/example.js with description. Essentially, the recipe to follow is;

const myContract = artifacts.require("SomeContract")
const { makeSnapshot, revertSnapshot } = require("ganache-snapshot")
const example = await           // Deploy contract
const snapID = (await makeSnapshot(web3)).result // Take a snapshot and keep returned ID
await example.sendTranaction()                   // Send TX
await revertSnapshot(snapID, web3)               // revert snapshot (by ID)

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