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Gamina is 2 thins:

  1. Another EcmaScript approach to cross platform mobile development (IOS/Android and more). It uses .js Canvas as default and .as/Air when it has to.
  2. Application of composition architecture, to separate bus/logic from UI, as alternative to MVC.

It does so by example, not by theory (but peek at Comp.doc)

To run: node Srv

Also you'll need a free account w/


  • index.html shows html5 composition
  • asCode/src/ex/videoP2P shows as composition (there are 3 FB project you can import)
  • Ws.html shows websocket in IOS Safari. IOS App websocket is asSrc/AppIOS_Phone/StartWs. Andorid websocket is in asSrc/AppAndroid-2_2-Mobile/StartWS
  • Srv.js shows mongo

You can discuss the examples at google groups:

The source for gamina.swc, gimite.swc, etc. is on puppetMaster3 github.

The asSrc is normally deleted for deployed production.

In browser during dev, you should be in tools/dev Other useful utils is winsplit on windoze and on mac sizeup.

Naming , and _

Plan: nginx state machine ajax parser


$ node --debug-brk your/short/node/script.js $ node-inspector &