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Gamecube Controller in JS

Gamecube is an interface between a plugged in gamecube controller adapter and the browser. All made with simple events

Live Example

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  • Support in node environment

How to use


npm install gamecube


After installing the package require using var gc = require('gamecube');.
Then start the connection with using gc.start([poll]);.
Note: If an integer is passed then the package will poll on that interval.

Finally bind listeners on the events, for example gc.connect(callback);.
In your app require gamecube like a normal dependency. Run browserify on your app and the package will be browser-ready.



gc.connect(function(controller) {}); When a controller is connected.
gc.disconnect(function(controller) {}); When a controller is disconnected.


  • button - any button
  • a
  • b
  • x
  • y
  • start
  • l
  • r
  • z
  • up - on d-pad
  • down - on d-pad
  • left - on d-pad
  • right - on d-pad

controller.button.change(function(button, state) {}); When any button changes state.

  • 0 = No change - Idle
  • 1 = Change - Release
  • 2 = Change - Press
  • 3 = No change - Hold {}); When any button is pressed.
controller.button.release(function(button) {}); When any button is released.
controller.button.hold(function(button) {}); When any button is held.


controller['l:pressure'].change(function(state) {}); When the left trigger changes state (not fully pushed).

  • -1 = Change - Decrease in Pressure
  • 0 = No Change - No Pressure
  • 1 = Change - Increase in Pressure

controller.l.pressure.increase(function(pressure) {}); When the left trigger increases pressure (Between 0 & 1).
controller.l.pressure.decrease(function(pressure) {}); When the left trigger decreases pressure.


  • stick - grey joystick
  • cStick - the C Stick

controller.stick.move(function(angle, pressure) {}); When the stick is not in the neutral position.
controller.stick.change(function(angle, pressure) {}); When the stick has moved since its previous position.
controller.stick.up(function(angle, pressure) {}); When the stick is more upwards than downwards.
controller.stick.pushUp(function(angle, pressure) {}); When the stick has moved upwards since its previous position.
controller.stick.down(function(angle, pressure) {}); When the stick is more downwards than upwards.
controller.stick.pushDown(function(angle, pressure) {}); When the stick has moved downwards since its previous position.
controller.stick.left(function(angle, pressure) {}); When the stick is more left than right.
controller.stick.pushLeft(function(angle, pressure) {}); When the stick has moved left since its previous position.
controller.stick.right(function(angle, pressure) {}); When the stick is more right than left.
controller.stick.pushRight(function(angle, pressure) {}); When the stick has moved right since its previous position.


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