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Gally aka Git-Ally

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Git-Ally - Automation around Repository Management


$ npm i -g gally

Github Credentials

One will be prompted to enter a personal github token that will then be stored as plain text on disk.

If an environment variable GH_TOKEN is present and credentials are not set, the environment variable is used and no prompt is displayed. Will never prompt if running in CI.

Contents of .gally.json

To create a config template run ga init. The configuration is an object with the following top level keys.


Type: string
The default branch for the github repository.


Type: string
The branch used as target for pull requests. Defaults to dev.


Type: string
The main github repository of this project.


Type: object
Define protection definition as entries in the object. Key names can be freely chosen, values have to be defined according to the github api docs. Can use "@" key to extend from other protections.


Type: object
Define branch names as keys in this object, mapping to their configuration.

Configurations are objects with the following keys: protection (string) needs to reference a protection in the protection object, or null if not protection is desired, create (boolean) will determine if the branch should be created if not found in the repository. New branches are created using the default branch as a base.

Can define prefix matching by appending a star to the name. Prefix matching currently only supports an empty configuration.

Cli Commands

All commands are available as ga or gally.

pr [branch]

Open PR Url from origin/CURRNET_BRANCH to remote upstream/TARGET_BRANCH with

$ ga pr [branch]

where branch is the target branch (defaults to dev).

approve [remote] <prId> [condition]

Approve PR. The remote defaults to upstream for

$ ga approve <prId>

Can define a custom remote if so desired.

Condition is a url encoded string that is checked against the branch information. E.g. to only apply to prs that target the dev branch and are open, one would use

$ ga approve <prId> --condition "base.ref=dev&state=open" 

merge [remote] <prId> [condition]

Merge PR. The remote defaults to upstream for

$ ga merge <prId>

Can define a custom remote if so desired.

See approve cmd for condition information.

promote [remote] <branch>

Create PR from upstream/INPUT_BRANCH to "upstream" branch upstream/BRANCH with

$ ga promote <branch>

where the upstream branch is defined in the configuration file under "upstream".

Can define a custom remote if so desired.

When an unknown branch or a branch without an upstream is defined, a warning is printed. This makes is easier to use to create automatic staging prs using CI.


Create a new .gally.json file by running

$ ga init

For details on how to adjust the configuration, see the corresponding section.

sync [remote]

Synchronize config .gally.json to remote github repository defined in config or using remote if passed.




npm i gally

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