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    An unofficial NodeJs client to read tracks from a public GaiaGps profile. I don't like putting usernames/passwords in code, so this client doesn't use a username/password since it only gets a users public profile. It should be fully working - please open an issue if you have any questions or run into any problems!

    How to use it:

    const myTracks = await gaiaGps({PROFILE_ID}, {start:'12-21-2021',end:'12-29-2021'}) - PROFILE_ID can be found using the steps below. The timeframe parameter is optional.
      myTracks.forEach(async (myTrack) => {
        const geoJSON = await myTrack.geoJSON()
        const gpx = await myTrack.gpx()
        const gpx = await myTrack.kml()

    Retrieving your PROFILE_ID

    1. go to
    2. sign-in, if you haven't already
    3. Click on "Preview Profile" --> "View Sharable Profile"
    4. Your profile ID is part of the url, right after the "public" path -{PROFILE_ID}/{PROFILE_NAME}/

    API documentation:

    Items API:

    This API allows you to get all the tracks (or other items?) for a particular profile. This includes private tracks, but you can filter them out with a query parameter (or by looking at the public element in the JSON response.{PROFILE_ID}/

    Query parameters:

    • sort_key=time_created
    • sort_field=create_date
    • sort_direction=desc
    • show_waypoints=false
    • show_areas=false
    • show_archived=false
    • include_track_photos=true
    • show_private=true


        "id": "{TRACK_ID}",
        "updated_date": "2021-12-22T21:49:39Z",
        "time_created": "2021-12-22T17:35:33Z",
        "last_updated_on_server": "2021-12-27T14:04:10.083",
        "deleted": false,
        "title": "This is the name of my track",
        "notes": "Whatever notes I added to the track",
        "public": true, #This needs to be true in order to call the tracks api below.
        "folder": "{folder-id}",
        "folder_name": "Name of my folder",
        "path": "track",
        "distance": 7403.849900964678, #meters
        "total_ascent": 381.5990220811623, #meters
        "total_time": 15216, #seconds
        "activities": [

    Tracks API

    This api allows you to get details about a specific track ID.{track-id}/

    Query parameters: Unknown


      "type": "FeatureCollection",
      "features": [
          "type": "Feature",
          "id": "{track-id}",
          "properties": {
            "id": "{track-id}",
            "updated_date": "2021-12-22T21:49:39Z",
            "time_created": "2021-12-22T17:35:33Z",
            "last_updated_on_server": "2021-12-27T20:07:49.769",
            "db_insert_date": "2021-12-22T21:49:39Z",
            "deleted": false,
            "title": "This is the name of my track",
            "public": true,
            "color": "#0498FF",
            "hexcolor": "#0498FF",
            "is_active": true,
            "revision": 1640635669,
            "notes": "Whatever notes I added to the track",
            "track_type": "",
            "routing_mode": "",
            "uploaded_gpx_to_osm": null,
            "flag": null,
            "source": "Android google Pixel 4A",
            "cover_photo_id": null,
            "distance": 7403.849900964678, #meters
            "total_ascent": 381.5990220811623, #meters
            "total_descent": 268.03825141058996,
            "stopped_time": 6028.273809194565,
            "total_time": 15216,
            "average_speed": 0.486583195384114,
            "moving_time": 9187.726190805435,
            "moving_speed": 0.8058413743733503,
            "activities": [
            "imported": false,
            "folder": null,
            "preferred_link": "/public/saxODwWWlKKlU4Cg3UNLWyyg",
            "user_displayname": "My Name",
            "username": "",
            "user_email": "",
            "user_id": 130827,
            "created_by": {
              "id": 130827,
              "displayName": "My Name",
              "link": "/profile/XXX/my-name/",
              "image": ""
            "favorite_count": 0,
            "is_favorite": false,
            "comment_count": 0,
            "comments": [],
            "user_photo_count": 0,
            "latitude": 36.571375292947266, #looks like the center lat/long for the map
            "longitude": -105.43613696394767,
            "writable": false
          "style": {
            "stroke": "#0498FF"
          "geometry": {
            "type": "MultiLineString",
            "coordinates": [
                  -105.44224, #longitude
                  36.584047, #lattitude
                  2989.599853515625, #elevation in meters
                  1640194531 # No idea what this is. It seems to increment througout the track - so maybe some kind of track point id?
      "id": "{track-id}"


    npm i gaiagpspublicclient

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