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    Git is easy, github cli is easy but g3l easiest git cli in the w0rld!

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    Nowadays, developers are leaving bulky tools, rather
    they use simpler and faster tools.
    Like java based IDE's instead of html based IDE's. (IDE*)
    To give an example WebStorm instead of Atom for web development.
    Both of them are insane but I prefer Atom because is faster than the other.
    We are code ninjas! We don't need bulky gui's.
    We can use terminal as swiss army knife!
    That's the reason, I don't want to use git clients like as SourceTree.

    IDE: Integrated development environment


    Did you bored white-black terminal when using git?
    Want auto commit your changes like as bulky IDE's doing?
    Copy paste your bash script into your new baby computer .zshrc / .bashrc file.

    You don't have to do this. DONT DO THAT ! It's not acceptable. :hand:


    g3l written in node.js. Node depends on JavaScript on a VM that is incredibly fast (V8). It is much faster than Ruby, Python, or Perl. That's the reason you have to install node. Download node.js


    After you download node you can use command in your terminal called "npm", npm is a package manager for node.

    npm i g3l -g

    Note: g3l auto committer needs .gitignore file.


    Short Full Description Params Example usage Known issues
    -h --help Outputs list of commands and usage. - g3l -h -
    -m --message Commit your changes on git then push your current branch string g3l -m "Hello world" -
    -b --new_branch Change your current branch. string g3l -b awesome/branchName This command only create new branch.
    -p --publish Npm version bump and npm publish. - g3l -p This command doing version bump with npm publish.
    -i --init Git init current directory. - g3l -i -
    -s --status Git status current directory. - g3l -s -
    -c --create Create GitHub repository instant. - g3l -c Two factor logins doesn't supporting, creates only GitHub repository.
    - --clone Clone any git repository. - g3l --clone -
    -u --update Self update, g3l. - g3l -u -
    -e --enable Enable auto committer for current directory. - g3l -e -
    -d --disable Disable auto committer for current directory. - g3l -d -

    Example chain :

    g3l -m "New branch for bug fix" -b fix/notBugItsFeature


    • Instant commit and push process.
    • Create GitHub repository in cli.
    • Your commit message filtered smart algorithm then dress up with emojis. (Not enough smart yet. Like me 😄)
    • g3l watch your working directory and when you change something, g3l commit changed files insantly. You will be native notified when committing done.

    I'm done, I'll download. :clap:


    If you want upgrade your version type like these

    npm i -g g3l


    If you can't see emojis

    ### Manual install on any Linux Install for the current user without root: ```sh # 1. Download the latest version wget # 2. Uncompress the file tar zxf EmojiOneColor-SVGinOT-Linux-1.3.tar.gz # 3. Run the installer cd EmojiOneColor-SVGinOT-Linux-1.3 ./ ```

    Install on Ubuntu Linux

    Launchpad PPA:

    sudo apt-add-repository ppa:eosrei/fonts
    sudo apt-get update
    sudo apt-get install fonts-emojione-svginot

    Useful: Emojione Picker for Ubuntu

    Install on Arch Linux

    AUR package:

    yaourt -S emojione-color-font

    Install on Gentoo Linux

    Gentoo repository:

    # Install layman using Portage with USE="git" enabled, the default. 
    emerge layman
    # Add the repo. 
    layman -s jorgicio
    # Install the package. 
    emerge emojione-color-font

    Install on OS X

    There are three install options for OS X. Both SVGinOT versions are available from releases:

    1. - The regular version of the font installs like any other font and can be specifically selected, but OS X will default to the Apple Color Emoji font for emojis.
    2. - A hack to replace the Apple Color Emoji font by using the same internal name. Install and accept the warning in Font Book.
    3. emojione-apple.ttf - A SBIX bitmap Apple-format EmojiOne color font is available in the emojione project.

    Reiterating: Only FireFox supports the SVGinOT color emoji for now. Safari and Chrome will use the fallback black and white emoji.

    Install on Windows

    There are two install options for Windows. Both SVGinOT versions are available from releases:

    ### Standard install

    The regular version of the font installs like any other font and can be specifically selected, but Windows will default to the Segoe UI Emoji font for emoji characters. Download:

    Replace the default Windows emoji fonts

    Windows 7, 8, 10 use emoji from both Segoe UI Symbol and Segoe UI Emoji. We need to replace both fonts, but keep the existing symbol characters from Segoe UI Symbol.

    This package contains an install script that will generate both fonts (or in Windows 7, just Segoe UI Symbol) and install them for you. Running the install script requires both Python and pip in the PATH.

    1. Download the most recent Python 3 for Windows:
    2. Start the installer, select "Add Python 3.5 to PATH" and finish the install process.
    3. Download EmojiOne Color Windows package from releases:
    4. Uncompress the file.
    5. Open the new EmojiOneColor directory.
    6. Run install.cmd. Note: This will take some time.
    7. Install both new fonts when requested.
    8. Done!

    Reiterating: Only FireFox supports the SVGinOT color emoji for now. IE and Chrome will use the fallback black and white emoji.

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