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How To Use

In our project firectory, the best is to create a folder called 'packer' at the project root. In the folder, create a file 'index.js' and copy the sample code to it.

By default, the sample code will move his working directory to the project root process.chdir(path.normalize(__dirname+'/../')) ;

workingDir variable will be the root of your project.


  • packages : could be an object like in sample code or a json file


Run it by being placed in your root directory and call

node packer/

Sample Code

// Test if packer is installed
try {
} catch(e) {
    console.error("g33k-packer package is not installed!\nPlease run `npm update` in the directory.");
// Load libs
var path = require('path'),
    fs = require('fs'),
    Packer = require('g33k-packer'); 
// Change working path
process.chdir(path.normalize(__dirname+'/../')) ;
// Get working dir
var workingDir = process.cwd();
// Create Packer Instance
var packer = new Packer(workingDir, {
    // Debug
    debug: false,
    // Paths to scan in the working dir
    "scanPath": ["/app", "/public/assets"],
    // Only work on thoses extensions
    "scanExt": /\.(html|js|css|tpl|less)$/i,
    // Ignore files with regexp filters applied to full path
    "scanIgnore": /(tmp\/|server-.*\.js)/,
    // Packed path
    "packedPath": "/public/packed",
    // Minify options
    "minifyJS": true,
    "minifyCSS": true,
    "minifyHTML": true,
    // Watch for file updates every (in ms)
    "watch": 500,
    // Copy minfied unit files to packedPath
    "copy": false,
    // Enable livereload support 
    "livereload": true,
    // Declare packages
    "packages": {
        // Main CSS file (will be placed to packedPath/app.min.css)
        "/app.min.css": [
        // Main JS file (will be placed to packedPath/app.min.js)
        "/app.min.js": [