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    Singleton I18n Level2 Common Library

    Singleton I18n Level2 Common Library are consumed by Angular Clients and Javascript Clients. It provides functions for DateTime, Number,Currency and Plural objects.

    Below are details on how to use the common library for Angular clients and Javascript clients.


    • Run the Singleton service by following the instructions in here.
    • Ensure the following are installed and compatible with Angular 7:

    How to build and use the common library

    • Clone the repository using Git.

      git clone git@github.com:vmware/singleton.git g11n-js-common
    • Go to the project's root directory.

      cd g11n-js-common
    • Checkout the client library branch

      git checkout g11n-js-common
    • Download dependencies

      npm install

      Note:The above steps are used to reuse the source code. The stepscould be skipped if user only wants to use the common library for Angular or Javascript applications.

    • Import the library in your Angular or Javascript application

      cd <root-of-your-app>
      open package.json file and add the following entry to dependencies section.
         "g11n-js-common": "^0.1.12"
      Then run the following command:
         npm install 
    • Sample code:

      import { I18n } from 'g11n-js-common'; ... const formatter = new I18n.DateTimeFormatter(); const date = new Date(2019, 2, 22, 9, 3, 1, 550); const dataForDate = sourcePatternData.categories.dates;

      const patternEN = new I18n.PatternData(); patternEN.dates = dataForDate; I18n.registerLocaleData('en', patternEN);

      const options: I18n.DateTimeFormatOptions = { pattern: 'full', minusSign: '-'}; const IntlDate = new I18n.DateTimeFormat('de', options); const formattedDate = IntlDate.format(date);

      // For more code examples, please refer the datetime.format.spec.ts and number.format.spec.ts under the test folder


    npm i g11n-js-common

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