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Getting Google spreadsheet data by using like SQL.


This node module can extract user data from google spreadsheet. And you can use SQL like syntax. e.g: SELECT * WHERE A = "user1". Of course we support private spreadsheet data also.


$ npm install g-spreadsheet-sql

Google Spreadsheet Query Language Specification

You can use the syntax like SQL according to google spreadsheet query language specification.


Public Spreadsheet

var PublicSpreadsheet = require('g-spreadsheet-sql').PublicSpreadsheet;
// first argument is spreadsheet key, second argument is worksheet name.
// spreadsheet key is included spreadsheet URL.
// e.g: "https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/SPREADSHEET_KEY"
var spreadsheet = new PublicSpreadsheet('SPREADSHEET_KEY', 'WORKSHEET_NAME');
return spreadsheet.query('SELECT * WHERE A = "user1"')
  .then(result => {

Executing above snippet, you can get json format result.

  "column1": "user1",
  "column2": "John",
  "column3": "Smith"

Private Spreadsheet

For private spreadsheet you need to get google OAuth 2.0 credentials before using this module. Please see Using OAuth 2.0 to Access Google APIs page for details. In almost cases you can generate new credentials in API console. After generating new OAuth 2.0 credential you usually have 3 credential values.

  1. Client ID
  2. Client Secret
  3. Redirect URN

And also you can get manually Oauth 2.0 refresh token optionally. You need to give above 3 values to the constructor of PrivateSpreadSheet. From v0.3.0 refresh token became to be optional.

var PrivateSpreadsheet = require('g-spreadsheet-sql').PrivateSpreadsheet;
var spreadsheet = new PrivateSpreadsheet(
  'REFRESH_TOKEN' // refresh token is optional
return spreadsheet.query('SELECT * WHERE A = "user1"')
  .then(result => {

About Handling Expiry of Access Token and Refresh Token

As we mentioned refresh token is optional from v0.3.0. Because googleapis/google-auth-library-nodejs module can handle access token expiry.

So when you prefer use this module for getting spreadsheet data just only once, we recommend you to use without refresh token. Though when you need to get spreadsheet data repeatedly, you should use this module with refresh token.

It means googleapis/google-auth-library-nodejs tries to refresh access token when the access token is over expiry. If you would like to understand in code level, please check here.

Declaring Columns Like RDB

This module assumes first row as headers. So you have to create following structure on spreadsheet.

username last_name first_name
user1 John Smith
user2 John Smith


We use ava test framework.

npm test


We use webpack + ts-loader.

npm run build


Apache License.

This is a forked project from jupemara/spreadsheet-sql

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