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    fynpo is a zero setup JavaScript tool for working with multiple packages as monorepo or colorepo


    • zero setup monorepo manager for node.js - Put existing npm packages together in a monorepo without changes.

      Fynpo is designed to work with npm packages and their npm scripts. Just put your existing npm packages together, like a colocated repo (colorepo), and fynpo will orchestrate and manage them without any fuss. Your packages don't need to have any magical relationships, just the normal npm dependencies. All the things you know about development using npm, like npm run, continue to work. This makes switching to another monorepo solution simple should you want to. It can even use npm's package-lock.json or yarn.lock file.

    • Integrated Local Package Handling: No symlink magic, no dependencies hoisting, and no mixing packages.

      Fynpo has a local package resolution logic that's fully integrated with the normal NPM package.json install process, free of the issues other solutions have because their local package handling is either just an add-on to the actual install process or depends on some hack like hoisting packages. This solves all of yarn's issues listed here.

    • Locally Published Workflow: packages installed in their published form locally in the monorepo.

      No more surprises after packages are published. If things work locally, then they will work published.

    • Freedom and Flexibility: your development is not restricted to a monorepo utopia bubble.

      Any app or packages outside can use all packages within the monorepo directly, and vice-versa. - they are not confined to the monorepo.

    • Self contained apps: Application in the monorepo functions on its own and not confined to the monorepo.

      After installing, each app or package in fynpo has its own directory that doesn't rely on other parts of the monorepo and you can simply zip it up, deploy it, or copy it to a container image and it would just work. If you want to just put your whole monorepo into a container, fynpo guarantees the smallest possible size.

    • Efficient Storage: fyn uses a central storage for all of a monorepo's dependencies.

      Only a single copy of a package is ever taking up disk space for the monorepo.

    • Hybrid Publish Mode: lock versions of the packages you want.

      When publishing, allows you to select certain packages to lock versions or be independent.

    • Informative node_modules paths: For any file from node_modules, the path will show its owner package's version.

      You no longer have to guess or find the version of a package when looking at stack traces.

    • Package Guaranteed Single Copy: Any package version will have only one copy in node_modules

      A directory layout of packages in node_modules that ensures there's only one copy of each package.

    • Automated Releasing: Automatic version bump and publishing

      Never have to decide how to bump your package versions again. Use conventional commits in your git commit messages, and fynpo help you automatically update package versions and CHANGELOG, and then publish them to the registry for you. When publishing, it ensures that all your packages built without error before publishing any of them, so you are not left with a partially completed release process.

    • Incremental Builds: Out of the box caching for builds

      Build caching support out of the box. Using your own rules or npm files rules to generate the files for caching so you can avoid running the same build multiple times.

    • Remote Caching: Share build cache on a remote server

      Enable you to upload your build cache to a remote server for sharing with other team members or CI/CD jobs.


    Copyright (c) 2015-2021, WalmartLabs

    Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0.


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