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    Fyipe is one complete SRE and DevOps platform.

    Fyipe lets you do:

    Monitoring: Monitors your website, web apps, APIs, servers and more and give you detailed metrics of things that might be wrong with your infrastructure.

    Status Page: Fyipe gives you a beautiful and customizable status page for your online business which helps improve transparency with your customers and cuts support costs.

    Tests: Write automated tests for your website, API's and more and know instantly when they start failing.

    On-Call and Incident Management: On-Call Management lets you alert the right team at the right time saving you critical time during downtime.

    Performance Monitoring: Monitor the performance of your apps, servers, APIs, and more and alert your team when any of your performance metrics degrades.

    Fyipe JavaScript SDK

    JavaScript SDK which has:

    Logger: Logs all your application logs

    A fyipe application logger that can be used to send logs about your applications and log them to fyipe dashboard.

    Logger Documentation: Quick start and API Reference

    Error Tracker: Keeps a log of all your application errors.

    A fyipe error tracker is used to automatically log errors which happen in your app and log them to Fyipe dashboard.

    Error Tracker Documentation: Quick start and API Reference

    Server Monitor: Monitors your server and resources.

    Server Monitor will monitor any VM, or a Bare metal server.

    Server Monitor Documentation: Quick start and API Reference


    • Contibutions are most welcome!
    • Clone git repository
    • run npm i to install dependencies
    • run npm run test to run tests
    • run npm run build to build for production.


    npm i fyipe-staging

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