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Client JS library for FxA reliers

Integration Prerequisites

An OAuth client id is needed. Go get one from the folks in the #fxa IRC channel on



  1. Add an fxa-relier-client entry to the dependencies section of bower.json.
  "dependencies": {
    "fxa-relier-client": "<latest_version>"

Roll your own from the repo

  1. Clone the repo locally.
  2. Ensure grunt-cli is installed - npm install -g grunt-cli
  3. grunt build
  4. Copy ./build/fxa-relier-client.min.js to a location it can be served by your web server.

Include the script in your HTML

In your HTML, include a script tag pointing to fxa-relier-client.js

  <script src="<location_of_relier_library>/fxa-relier-client.min.js"></script> 

API docs

API docs for the current released version of the library are available at Docs for the development version can be generated with the grunt doc command.

Development Prerequisites

  • npm
  • Grunt (npm install -g grunt-cli)

Grunt Commands

Grunt is used to run common tasks to build, test, and run local servers.

Tasks can be run from the command line by typing grunt <task>.

build build production resources. See task source for more documentation
clean remove any built production resources.
dev watch for changes to source files, run unit tests on changes.
doc generate API docs from YUIDoc tags embedded in source.
lint run ESLint, JSONLint, and JSCS (code style checker) on client side and testing JavaScript.
test run local Intern tests.
release create a new release. creates a release branch with current code, creates a new tag, updates the, pushes updates to GitHub.


MPL 2.0