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fuzzydunlop is an ender library wrapping notification type tasks - WebKit desktop notifications, dynamic favicon updating and audio alerts.

WebKit Notifications

Triggered by $.notify(options), handles the checking and requesting of permission. By default notifications use the page's favicon as the image, and will click to dismiss.

$.notify({subject:'Important Stuff',text:'Some otjher stuff',timeout:5});

will cause a notification (after asking permission if required) which disappears after 5 seconds.

Dynamic Favicon

To add a numeric overlay to the current page's favicon (0-99 only), use the $.favicon.set(number) function.


Audio Alarms

Easily trigger and stop audio alarms based on sounds referenced in your page's <head>

  <link rel="alarm" type="audio/mpeg" href="short.mp3" title="short" />
  <link mrel="alarm" type="audio/mpeg" href="mid.mp3" title="mid" />
  $.alarm("mid"); // Play first audio resource titled 'mid'
  $.alarm("short"); // Play first audio resource titled 'short'
  $.alarm(); // Play first found audio resource
  $.alarm.stop(); // Stop all audio alarms


6x7 characters from SWFIT_v02 by

Audio alarms in examples/ are samples from The Sun Is Down, CC-BY-NA Yoko Ono Plastic Ono Band