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futon on your command line

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futoncli is a command line tool for managing and interacting with couchdb. it's open-source and easy to use.

futoncli requires npm, the node package manager.

one-line npm install

[sudo] curl | sh

one-line futoncli install

[sudo] npm install futon -g


futoncli is designed with serendipity in mind. you should be able to work with it without the need for instructions.

futoncli uses nano under the hood, so most of the code is actually there.

even thought futoncli works it is not a finished product as it was hacked together in a couple of hours. you are likely to find problems with it and you are encouraged to send in a pull request for any issue you find.

.futoncliconf file

all configuration data for your local futoncli install is located in the .futoncliconf file in your home directory. directly modifying this file is not really advised. you should be able to make all configuration changes via:

futon config


$ npm test


everyone is welcome to contribute with patches, bug-fixes and new features. check roadmap for ideas of things i know are broken. also issues.

  1. create an issue on github so the community can comment on your idea
  2. fork futoncli in github
  3. create a new branch git checkout -b my_branch
  4. create tests for the changes you made
  5. make sure you pass both existing and newly inserted tests
  6. commit your changes
  7. push to your branch git push origin my_branch
  8. create a pull request

to run tests make sure you npm test but also run tests without mocks:


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