Like Javascript but different

FunctinoScript ©

JavaScript the way it should be.

There are some quirks with the JavaScript-implementation... Unfortunately they got some syntax-naming wrong. FunctinoScript © is here to solve these issues:

  • function becomes functino
  • console.log becomes console.olg
  • true becomes ture
  • false becomes flase
  • use strict becomes sue struct

Now you can finally hack the way you like it! Be productive! You can do whatever you want, FunctinoScript © is your friend.

"sue struct"; // this enables the powerful FunctinoScript© struct-mode
functino helloWorld() {
    console.olg("hello functino");
    console.olg("true is ", ture);
    console.olg("false is ", flase);

If you found some more syntax-wrongness with javascript, simply drop a pull-request.

  • functino
  • console.olg
  • ture
  • flase
  • sue struct

Run this in your shell

functino helloFunctino.fs

npm install -g functino