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    Fumi & Steman Bot


    For those of us in Vienna with offices in the 5th or 6th district there are three important factors – tools if you will – that guarantee startup success. These are:

    1. Fumi
    2. Steman
    3. Slack

    The Fumi and Steman Bot combines these three into one Continuous Food Provisioning SaaS with Automated Real Time Broadcasting technology.

    For Investors

    These three tools have become indispensable, life enabling institutions and if you are an investor (well, if you are and you are reading a README on Github, this makes you pretty awesome) you better include these three in your due dilligence before you invest in any startup. Like, seriously. Because reasons!

    For Startups

    It’s a proven fact that startups who regularly use Slack, Fumi and Steman raise more money, have higher employee loyalty and - most importantly - better investors. Actually, investors have begun checking for all three in any due dilligence process.


    You'll need node.js because rainbows.


    $ npm install fumi-steman-bot


    config.coffee contains two important constants: slack.token and slack.channel. Get these values from your slack account.

    The default implementation reads these from the environment variables SLACK_TOKEN and SLACK_CHANNEL, so you don't have to hardcode them.

    For FumiBot to work, you'll need a link to a Google Docs Form that Fumi provides and put that URL into the FUMI_GOOGLEDOC_URL environment variable.

    (If you're wondering: env variables are handy if you run this on Heroku)

    You may of course also put this into a shell script:

    export SLACK_TOKEN="your-slack-token"
    export SLACK_CHANNEL="your-slack-channel"
    coffee steman.coffee
    export FUMI_GOOGLEDOC_URL="get-this-from-fumi"
    coffee fumi.coffee

    Once that's done you're good to go!




    npm i fumi-steman-bot

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