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fullscreen polyfill api that presents an event emitter


polyfill for requestFullscreen

var fullscreen = require('fullscreen')
  , el = document.getElementById('element')
  , fs
fs = fullscreen(el)
el.addEventListener('click', function() {
document.body.onkeydown = function() {
fs.on('attain', function() {
  // attained fullscreen 
fs.on('release', function() {
  // released fullscreen 
fs.on('error', function() {
  // fullscreen request failed, or 
  // fullscreen isn't supported 


return a boolean yes/no for whether fullscreen api is supported.

return a boolean yes/no for whether fullscreen is enabled for the document.

return a fullscreen event emitter object. if fullscreen is not available, on the next turn of the event loop it'll emit 'error'.

issue a request for fullscreen. if it's accepted, it emits 'attain', otherwise 'error' for denial.

release the current fullscreen element. if the fullscreen is released, it emits 'release'.

removes any event listeners created by the fs instance once you're done with it.

returns the current fullscreen target, if any.