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Want to investigate web components but don't like the amount of overhead needed to add and remove elements? Feel like making a custom element that can work with any framework, yet shudder when you think of the heavy lifting that's required to automatically update text shown in the browser? Need a reason to reduce the amount of code overhead while still feeling a sense of relief when you realize that other tools are doing the majority of the work?

Introducing Fudgel: Write less. Do more.

This lightweight (under 5k minified and gzipped) library gives you many of the powerful features of today's frameworks without the annoyance of the bulk. No build system is required; you can write plain JavaScript. This fully supports tree shaking, TypeScript, and augmentation as your needs grow.

For detailed information and live examples, check out the documentation site. Offline? Hopefully you were able to install dependencies with npm install while you were online, then use npm run start to view the documentation locally.


  • 1.3.0
    • Updated the build scripts to produce ES6-compatible code without private fields. The typical # prefix is now replaced with µ during minification and after the identifiers have been mangled. This opens up more browsers to the power of Fudgel.
  • 1.2.0
    • Went back to shadow DOM styles, so change :scope to :host in your styles. This will automatically be changed to work if your element only uses light DOM.
    • Initialization of the slot-like custom element (using any name) will automatically register it for use for all light DOM elements. You no longer need to call slotInit() for slots to work in light DOM components.
  • 1.0.0
    • In order to work with Content-Security-Policy settings, function generation using new Function() has been removed. A new expression parser is added, so your bindings now will change. Remove this and $scope from your templates and everything should work. Properties will now be looked up in $scope first and fallback to this (the controller) if not found. For example, {{this.person.firstName}} becomes {{person.firstName}} and {{this.update($scope.key, $scope.value, true)}} becomes {{update(key, value, true)}}.

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