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FTP Server -- Simple featureless FTP server

This is a very simple FTP server. At first it's aimed to simply provide a full-Node implementation of FTP server to be embedded for Unit Testing purpose.

It's currently highly experimental and could crash anytime. It could become a real FTP server if you want to contribute a bit ;) Don't be afraid: FTP protocol is quite simple.


# Using NPM
npm install ftp-server

Or from source:

# Install from sources...
git clone git:// ftp-server
cd ftp-server
npm link
# ...Then in your project
npm link ftp-server

You can run unit tests:

# From your project where ftp-server has been installed as a module
npm test ftp-server
# Or directly from ftp-server
npm test


Example: Simply serve a given directory:

var ftpd = require('ftp-server')
// Path to your FTP root 
ftpd.fsOptions.root = '/path/to/ftp-root'
// Start listening on port 21 (you need to be root for ports < 1024) 

Extend server

Just look at the code. I'll fully document the ways to extend the server with additional features when it's at least more stable.


Note that the original implementation I based my work on was @billywhizz 's from GitHub.


  • Add support for rename commands
  • Better implementation of LIST and NLST to be cross-platform
  • Add support for REST command (restart an interrupted download)
  • Maybe wrap all this stuff in a class or at least a function with options (like what FS we'll use)
  • Add better documentation on how to extend server (add "features") or new FS wrappers
  • Implement MemoryFS
  • Support authentication from config or even from database
  • Implement all the RFCs from FTP protocol