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Multi-line ellipsis made possible


Solves the problem of applying ellipsis (…) on a multi-line block of text at the point it overflows its container. Ellipsis will work in conjuction with CSS column-count if you wish.

Results are best in webkit browsers due to the availability of webkit-line-clamp. For non-webkit browsers FTEllipsis falls back to clamping text and positioning an element over the end of the overflowing line, allowing the developer to style this however they wish.

$ npm install ftellipsis
$ bower install ftellipsis

or download the production version or the development version.

var element = document.getElementById('my-element');
var ellipsis = new Ellipsis(element);


  • The element must have a fixed height so that content overflows.
  • The element must have child elements (eg. <p>s).

Unsetting an ellipsis instance removes any styling.


Destroying an ellipsis instance resets the instance back to it's original state, unsetting internal variables and state.

$ npm install
$ npm test

Initialize a new Ellipsis instance with the given element.


  • container A parent container element
  • reRender Forces a redraw after ellipsis applied

Measures the element and finds the overflowing child.

Clamps the overflowing child using the information acquired from #calc().

Unclamps the overflowing child.

Clears any references

The lead developer of FTEllipsis is Wilson Page at FT Labs. All open source code released by FT Labs is licenced under the MIT licence. We welcome comments, feedback and suggestions. Please feel free to raise an issue or pull request. Enjoy...