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Asynchronous FamilySearch client API for Node.js.

Asynchronous FamilySearch client API for Node.js

fsapi is a client library for accessing the FamilySearch APIs from Node.js

You can install fsapi and its dependencies with npm by adding it to your package.json, or running npm install fsapi.

"dependencies": {
  "fsapi": "0.1.0"

There is a simple example Express application in the example directory. To run the example, you need to add your developer key in place of the developerKey: 'NNNN-NNNN-NNNN-NNNN-NNNN-NNNN-NNNN-NNNN', and then run:

node example.js

You can test the app in your browser at Ig you want to run it on a different host, then update the callbackURL: ""+PORT+"/auth/familysearch/callback" to match where you are running it.

The developerKey listed below can be obtained from

var FSApi = require('fsapi');

var fsapi = require('../lib/fsapi')({
  userAgent: "node-fsapi-example-express/0.1.0",
  referenceHost: "",
  callbackURL: ""+PORT+"/auth/familysearch/callback"

The required parameters are developerKey and callbackURL, which must match the URL where your app can be reached.

If you leave referenceHost blank, it will default to

fsapi.pedigree('KWC8-Q7X', function (err, data) {

});'Theras Orson Allred', function(err, data) {
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  • search
  • pedigree
  • person read