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Remove the empty branches of a directory tree, optionally up to (but not including) a specified base directory. Optionally nukes the leaf directory.


var logger = require("npmlog");
var vacuum = require("fs-vacuum");
var options = {
  base  : "/path/to/my/tree/root",
  purge : true,
  log   : logger.silly.bind(logger, "myCleanup")
/* Assuming there are no other files or directories in "out", "to", or "my",
 * the final path will just be "/path/to/my/tree/root".
vacuum("/path/to/my/tree/root/out/to/my/files", options, function (error) {
  if (error) console.error("Unable to cleanly vacuum:", error.message);

vacuum(directory, options, callback)

  • directory {String} Leaf node to remove. Must be a directory, symlink, or file.
  • options {Object}
    • base {String} No directories at or above this level of the filesystem will be removed.
    • purge {Boolean} If set, nuke the whole leaf directory, including its contents.
    • log {Function} A logging function that takes npmlog-compatible argument lists.
  • callback {Function} Function to call once vacuuming is complete.
    • error {Error} What went wrong along the way, if anything.