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fs helper utilities (walk, copy, mkdir -p)


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Some file utitiles. See API Documentation for detailed info.

This project is not maintained anymore, because not actual and better alternatives available.

Consider use another packages:

walk(path, [pattern,] iterator[, callback])

Recurcively scan files by regex pattern & apply iterator to each. Iterator applied only to files, not to directories. If given path is a file, iterator will be called against it (if pattern allows it).

walkSync(path, [pattern,] iterator)

Sync version of walk(). Throws exception on error.

findSorted(path, [pattern,] callback)

Recursively collects files by regex pattern (if given, all files otherwise).

remove(path, callback)

Recursively delete directory with all content.


Sync version of remove(). Throws exception on error.

mkdir(path, mode = '0755', callback)

Recursively make path.

mkdirSync(path, mode = '0755')

Sync version of mkdir(). Throws exception on error.

copy(src, dst, callback)

Copy file.

move(src, dst, callback)

Move file.


Returns unique directory (at the moment of request) pathname.