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    Trivially simple interface for a robust file-system backed store for node. The goal of this module is to provide a simple to use module that will persist data locally in a robust manner (recovers if your process exits while writing, etc), for simple applications that do not wish to spend the time to set up a full-fledged database or something similar.


    • multiple backups
    • robust failure recovery
    • single async load
    • in-memory cache (effectively synchronous API)
    • rate-limited background flushing

    Getting Started

    Install the module with: npm install fs-store

    Non-NPM install: Save index.js as fs-store.js and instead use require('./fs-store.js')

    var FileStore = require('fs-store').FileStore;
    // Create a store
    var my_store = new FileStore('example_data.json');
    // Get a value, providing a default
    var number_of_runs = my_store.get('number_of_runs', 0);
    // Store a value (will be written to disk asynchronously)
    my_store.set('number_of_runs', number_of_runs + 1);
    // Get the value back (immediately reflected in the store,
    // even if it is not yet on disk)
    console.log('This example has run ' + my_store.get('number_of_runs') + ' time(s)');

    Advanced Configuration

    var FileStore = require('fs-store').FileStore;
    var my_store = new FileStore({
      // File name to use to back the store, required parameter
      filename: 'example_data.json',
      // Providing a default object to be used if the file does
      // not exist (or all backups are unrecoverable)
      // Default value = {}
      default_object: { foo: 'bar' },
      // Minimum milliseconds between two consecutive saves
      // Default value = 1000 (1 second)
      min_save_interval: 2500,
      // Maximum number of additional backups to keep.  Must be >= 1
      // Default value = 3
      max_backups: 3,
      // Set read_only to true to disable writes to disk (in-memory
      // changes to the store will still work as usual).  May be useful
      // when (cluster.isWorker && !== 1) and all cluster
      // members are doing the exact same logic on the store.
      // Default value = false;
      read_only: true,

    API Reference

    new FileStore(options)

    Creates a FileStore and synchronously loads the store from disk or a backup if the primary file is unable to be loaded for any reason. See "Advanced Configuration" above for details on the options parameter.

    store.set(key, value)

    Sets a value in the store, queues up an asynchronous save to disk.

    store.get(key, [default_value])

    Returns a value from the store, or the provided default_value if no value has previously been set with that key.


    This should almost never be needed. Returns that storage object for the store for direct modifications or iteration. If any changes are made, you must manually call when you are done. In theory this could be used to very efficiently make a bunch of changes, but, if you need that much efficiency, you probably should not be using a stupid-simple on-disk store like this.

    Manually trigger a save of the store (after making modifications through store.getStore()).


    Calls cb after any changes have been flushed to disk. Callback will always be called asynchronously even if nothing is waiting to be flushed to disk. This has very little general use, but is invaluable in writing deterministic unit tests.


    All saves happen asynchronously, so if your program is entirely synchronous, no data will be saved until the main part of the program exits (at which point it will execute a single write).

    The asynchronous saves, by default, happen at most once per second, and batch all modifications smartly so if you make three .set() calls in a block of code, all of the modifications will be saved at once (e.g. it does not start saving after the first set() call, waiting before saving the second and third, but instead starts saving once your code execution has yielded and saves all three values).


    npm i fs-store

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