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    Node file system library and fs-extra module promisified with bluebird

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    API is stable. No tests at present but it seems to work fine!


    This module is a drop-in replacement for the native node file system module and the augmented fs-extra module.

    Additionally, it creates promisified versions of all fs's and fs-extra's async methods, using bluebird. These methods are named the same as the original fs/fs-extra methods with 'Async' added to the end of the method names.

    So instead of:

    var fs = require('fs');
    fs.readFile(path, function(err, data) {

    You can now:

    var fs = require('fs-extra-promise');
    fs.readFileAsync(path).then(function(data) {

    All original fs and fs-extra methods are included unmodified.

    isDirectory() methods

    For convenience, additional methods isDirectory(), isDirectorySync() and isDirectoryAsync() are provided.

    These are are shortcuts for doing fs.stat() followed by running isDirectory() on the result returned by stat().

    usePromise() method

    Creates a new instance of fs-extra-promise, which uses the Promise implementation provided.

    var Bluebird = require('bluebird');
    var fs = require('fs-extra-promise').usePromise(Bluebird);
    // now use `fs-extra-promise` in the usual way
    var promise = fs.readFileAsync(path);
    console.log(promise instanceof Bluebird); // true

    This can be useful for:

    • using a different version of bluebird
    • using a Promise implementation that supports cls
    • using an augmented version of Bluebird like bluebird-extra

    useFs() method

    Creates a new instance of fs-extra-promise, promisifying the provide version of fs-extra.

    Most useful if you want to use a specific version of fs-extra.

    var fs = require('fs-extra-promise').useFs(require('fs-extra'));


    Use npm test to run the tests. Use npm run cover to check coverage.

    There aren't any tests at present, except for running jshint on the code.




    If you discover a bug, please raise an issue on Github.


    npm i fs-extra-promise

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