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Fruster Tools

A collection of commands that will make life with Deis and Kubernetes easier.

Usage: fruster [options] [command]


 start|run <service-registry>         start local fruster defined by service registry
 logs|log <app>                       view logs of deis app
 config <config...>                   set/unset/get config for app(s)
 use|switch <cluster>                 switch kube and deis cluster
 add-deis-cluster <cluster>           add deis cluster
 port-forward|pf <pod> <portMapping>  port forward localhost to remote pod
 healthcheck|hc                       set, get or unset healtcheck
 help [cmd]                           display help for [cmd]


 -h, --help     output usage information
 -V, --version  output the version number


You need the following installed:

  • Kubectl
  • deis cli
  • git client setup with SSH key access to github
  • Clusters repo de-crypted in ~/.clusters (default, but location can be changed with env var CLUSTERS_HOME)


Install globally with npm:

npm install -g frostdigital/fruster-tools


  • [TECH] Run tests in docker container where git, kube and deis is setup