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Frontend Pipeline

Frontend Pipeline is simple, full featured asset pipeline that provides clear API for defining basic Gulp tasks for your project. It's totally configurable and delivered as installable module.




  • CSS: Sass (scss and sass)
    • libSass (node-sass)
    • autoprefixer
  • JS: Modular ES6 with Babel and Webpack
    • source maps
    • async requires
    • multiple bundles
    • shared modules
  • Images:
  • Fonts:
    • just copying to public directory
  • Development Mode:
    • file watching
    • source maps
  • Production Mode:
    • JS and CSS are uglified and minified
    • JS and CSS filenames are revisioned with md5 hash, and stored in rev-manifest.json file
    • File size reporting


Just init it in your gulpfile.js

var Builder = require('frontend-pipeline');
 * You can change basic assets and public directories
 * simply call configuration setter
Builder.config.set('assetsPath', 'path/to/assets/folder');
Builder.config.set('publicPath', 'path/to/public/folder');
// And execute builder