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Front-end Guide

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Manage your front-end project in unique views and reusable components.

Kick start

Create your project folder and add a package.json. This can be done with:

$ npm init

Install all dependencies

$ npm install front-end-guide gulp --save-dev
$ npm install gulp -g

If you are running this on an empty folder it’s recommended to get the scaffolding files. You can do this by running:

$ ./node_modules/.bin/front-end-guide

If you installed it globally then you can run

$ front-end-guide

Available Tasks

Deploy locally

$ gulp build_guide
$ gulp serve


This will do the same as above and also watch files for changes and livereload

$ gulp watch

Optimize images

This will optimize new images on the assets-raw folder and copy them to assets/images

$ gulp imagemin


Configurable options

You can pass your autoprefix options:

        autoPrefixBrowsers : ['> 1%', 'last 2 versions']

If you don't want to minify your output:

        sourceMaps: false,
        uglify: 'none'

If you want to change your raw images directory

        rawImagePath : 'assets-raw/images'

Writing README files

README files are written with Markdown. Code blocks are syntax-highlighted with Prism. Currently we support four basic languages (C-like, CSS, "Markup", JavaScript).