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Front-end builder

Not for all! (I use it for my projects)

Create front-end-builder.config.js file in project root directory;

This builder use only:

  • rmdir (delete folder recursive);
  • pug -> html (pretty, change extname);
  • pug -> js (concat, uglify);
  • stylus -> css (sourcemap, autoprefixer, concat, clean);
  • js (sourcemap, babel, iife, concat, uglify);
  • angularjs (templates, sourcemap, babel, iife, concat, uglify);
  • components
    • js (iife, concat, uglify);
    • css (concat, clean);
    • images (minify);
    • fonts;
    • other;
  • rename (soon)
    • js (uglify);
    • css (clean);
    • other;

package.json scripts:

insert into "scripts":

"build": "node ./node_modules/front-end-builder production",
"builder": "node ./node_modules/front-end-builder production listen",
"build-dev": "node ./node_modules/front-end-builder development",
"builder-dev": "node ./node_modules/front-end-builder development listen"


  • build (production)
npm run build
  • build and start listening changes (production)
npm run builder
  • build (development)
npm run build-dev
  • build and start listening changes (development)
npm run builder-dev

front-end-builder.config.js example

example storage in module example directory