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Share, publish, and install node packages from your cache over the local network.


With npm installed, run

$ npm install --global friendpm


Use the friendpm command just like npm, except the install and publish subcommands operate on your machine's cache and other friendpm users on the local network, instead of the NPM central servers.

  friendpm i, install [-S] [-D]

    Works like `npm install`. Accepts a package name to install from someone on
    the local network, or your own cache if none are found.

  friendpm publish

    Works like `npm publish`, except your package is only published to your
    local cache. It can be installed immediately after by you or others on the
    network (if you're running `friendpm share`).

  friendpm share

    Run a tiny npm registry that other `friendpm` users can discover and use
    over the local network.


At version 5 npm changed its internal caching mechanism, making friendpm no longer work with it. However, your left-over npm cache from when you ran 4 or earlier (if you did) still remains and can be shared!

You can downgrade to npm@4 or earlier, or consider donating a patch that adds npm5 caching support!