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The Facebook Chat history visualizer

Who are these people and who were they in the past. This tool helps visualizing it.

sample timeline

Also, it builds you a database of your messages.

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Once upon a time, I heard an idea:

"People come and go, but you always have some to hang out with"

This statement lead me to realize how we are drifting among groups of people in our lifeline. Who are the ones we hang out with a lot? These visualisations help to have a look at this.


  1. git clone this
  2. goto Facebook / Settings / Security / Download my personal data
  3. check your e-mail for the download link, do not forget to check your spam
  4. save it to the same folder as where you cloned the source
  5. run from command line: node .
  6. contribute to my galery!

Inspiration & thanks

  • My close friend, Annam├íria for hanging out with me still
  • Aleksandra who has a life which she provided for me for testing