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Node.js bindings for Frida.

  • Node.js 0.12.x

Install from binary:

npm install

Install from source:

FRIDA=/absolute/path/to/fully/compiled/frida/repo npm install --build-from-source
  • Follow Setting up the experiment to produce a binary.
  • Run the binary.
  • Take note of the memory address the binary gives you when run.
  • Run any of the examples, passing the name of the binary as a parameter, and the memory address as another.

(Note: only some examples use the memory address)

The node-pre-gyp tool is used to handle building from source and packaging.

To recompile only the C++ files that have changed, first put node-gyp and node-pre-gyp on your PATH:

export PATH=`npm explore npm -g -- pwd`/bin/node-gyp-bin:./node_modules/.bin:${PATH}

Also tell the build system where your fully compiled Frida repo is:

export FRIDA=/absolute/path/to/fully/built/frida/repo

Then simply run:

node-pre-gyp build
node-pre-gyp build package