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Freight Server

Learn more about Freight.

Quick Server Setup

  • Install Git on the server machine. (i.e on Ubuntu: sudo apt-get install git-core). If you want to freight track repositories via SSH, then configure proper SSH keys such that the server is able to clone the repositories.
  • Install Redis. OS X: brew install redis or Ubuntu sudo apt-get install redis-server.

Start the server:

git clone && cd freight-server
npm install
npm start

Server will start on port 8872. You should be able to navigate to the dashboard:



Freight Server automatically configures a password for you. You can change it by modifying the dev.json file.

A password setting of "" (empty string) indicates that the Freight Server will not require a password for any actions.

Other Configuration

See config/config.js for available configuration options and environment variables. The Freight Server uses node-convict to manage configuration.


  • Do not run server as a root user. It is not safe and Bower will also complain that you are running as sudo.


Vlad Filippov

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