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Finds an available port for your application to use. You can specify a range where to look for an available port. And can also find a range of available ports for you to use. You can also be used to test to see if a given port is available.

All functions are async and return Promises.


    var freeportAsync = require('freeport-async');
    var portICanUse = await freeportAsync();
    var portIn9000Range = await freeportAsync(9000);
    var isPort5000Available = await freeportAsync.availableAsync(5000);
    var listOf5ConsecutiveAvailablePorts = await freeportAsync.rangeAsync(5);
    var freeRangeIn12000Range = await freeportAsync.rangeAsync(3, 12000);

Note that this code just finds available ports, but doesn't reserve them in any way. This means that if you have other code that might be looking for a port in the same range at the same time, you could run into issues. Also, if you call freeportAsync twice in a row, it will often return the same port number twice. If you want to find two (or more) ports you can use, you need to call freeportAsync.rangeAsync(<number-of-ports>, [startSearchFrom]).

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