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Advertisement impression fraud is a big problem in the online advertising industry. Fraudulent sites have advertisements but are hiding them in the HTML DOM, so they are not actually generating impressions. What does this mean? Lost dollars. Lots of them.

fraudscan is a command line tool designed to detect hidden advertisement impression fraud on a website.

To be able to use the command line tool, please first run:

npm install -g fraudscan

Afterwards, to check some URL, simply run

fraudscan <url>

After a few seconds, you will be given a summary of:

  • Number of advertisements hidden by the display:none CSS attribute
  • Number of advertisements hidden by stacking (putting other HTML content on top of an ad)
  • Number of total hidden advertisements
  • Number of total advertisements

NOTE: Be sure that the URL is valid. In other words, make sure that it has "http://" or "https://"

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