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A free-range-app utility for building your FRA's appconfig.json.


Install from NPM:

npm install frau-appconfig-builder


From CLI

The FRAU appconfig builder can be run either directly on the console CLI (assuming dependencies are installed) or specified as a script in package.json. Arguments may be passed directly to the CLI, or may be configured in package.json. An environment variable may be specified to indicate local vs. remote (ex. Travis) build environment.

Typical configuration for running in TRAVIS:

frau-appconfig-builder --dist|-./dist 
                       --loader|-l umd
                       + local appresolver options
                       + publisher options

In the above example, the CLI utility will use the envVar to determine whether to use frau-local-appresolver or frau-publisher to determine the app end-point. Therefore, the configurations for these CLI utilities are also necessary.

Since this utility, as well as the frau-local-appresolver and frau-publisher utilities are typically used together for a FRA, it is much clearer to simply configure these options in package.json:

"scripts": {
  "build:appconfig": "frau-appconfig-builder"
"config": {
  "frauAppConfigBuilder": {
    "appFile": "app.js",
    "dist": "./dist",
    "envVar": "TRAVIS",
    "loader": "umd",
    "showLoading": false
  "frauLocalAppResolver": {
  "frauPublisher": {

From JavaScript

To build the appconfig.json:

var builder = require('frau-appconfig-builder').umd; // (umd|html|iframe) 
var vfs = require('vinyl-fs');
var target;
if (process.env['TRAVIS']) {
    var publisher = require('gulp-frau-publisher');
    target =
        .getLocation() + 'app.js';
} else {
    var localAppResolver = require('frau-local-appresolver');
    target = localAppResolver.resolver(appClass, options)
        .getUrl() + 'app.js';
    .on('end', function() {
        console.log('appconfig.json created!');


  • appFile (required) - The name of the app end-point file (ex. app.js)
  • dist (required) - The directory where the appconfig.json file should be saved
  • envVar (optional) - The environment variable for checking to determine the build environment (local vs. remote), necessary to resolve app end-point
  • loader (optional) - The app loader type to be specified in the appconfig.json, controls how the FRA will be loaded (ex. umd, iframe, html)
  • showLoading (optional umd) - Whether to show the loading indicator when using the umd loader. The defaults to false.


Contributions are welcome, please submit a pull request!

Code Style

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