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    Browser Library Developer Starter Kit

    This repository is a starting point for efficient development of JavaScript libraries targeting use in browser applications.


    This repository is based on the need to have an easy and fairly simple starting point for development of JavaScript libraries with these goals in mind:


    Debugging & manual testing

    • manual testing "app" with live reload
    • ready for debugging in Visual Studio Code

    Build & publish

    • build UMD and ESM bundles
    • build typings in a single file
    • copy license, readme, and sanitized package.json
    • ready to be published to npm


    • generate reference documentation


    • created around yarn but feel free to use npm instead.

    How to use


    1. Create a target folder on your drive.
    2. Clone this repository into it:
    git clone .
    1. Delete .git sub-folder and re-initialize your repository
    git init
    1. Go through package.json and and change names, descriptions, and other information where needed.
    2. Install dependencies by running:

    Develop & debug

    Your library code goes under /src. This repository includes a sample class in src/logic/LibDemo.ts - fill free to remove it. Export everything that needs to be exported in src/index.ts.

    Write your manual testing code in /test/manual/experiments.ts. The manual testing web page template is in template.html.

    Note that while changes to experiments.ts are hot-reloaded, changes to template.html are not.

    To start a dev/debugging session run:

    yarn start

    You can set breakpoints in your code and run a debugging session in Visual Studio Code and other editors.

    Build & publish

    You can build your ready-to-publish library with

    yarn build

    The output is in the /dist sub-folder which you can publish to npm by running

    npm publish ./dist

    Building reference docs

    Write your doc-comments in your code then run

    yarn docs

    The docs are generated in /docs which by default is included in .gitignore. You may want to remove it from there depending on your needs.

    Missing stuff and known issues

    There's no automated testing of any sort as I lack the knowledge to implement any of it in a meaningful way for interactive browser-focused libraries. In case you have the skills and know-how please reach out in the issues and, potentially, submit a pull-request.

    HTML template for manual testing (template.html) is not hot-reloaded. Generally, this shouldn't be a big deal as you should change your code in experiments.ts for the most part. But be aware that if you need to change the HTML you will have to restart the session.


    The whole project is based around rollup.js and plugins for it. See package.json for the list of dev dependencies.

    Created by Alan Mendelevich as a basis for marker.js 2 and other libraries.




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