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simple client for Foscam HD cameras providing a few basic operations


setup and configure

var FoscamHdClient = require('foscamhd-client');
var client = new FoscamHdClient({
    host: '',
    port: 1138,
    user: 'admin',
    pass: 'sup3rs3cr3t'

get url of mjpeg stream todo: add optional guest and operator user/pass sections to config, pass in role as param

client.getStreamUrl(function(err, url){
    // handle error and/or do stuff 
    // url should be something like: 

moves camera to preset location 'name' todo: add method to surface list of preset names

client.gotoPreset(name, function(err, resp){
    // handle error and/or do stuff 

get current infrared mode ('auto' or 'manual')

client.getIrMode(function(err, mode){
    // handle error and/or do stuff 

set infrared mode ('auto' or 'manual')

client.setIrMode(mode, function(err, resp){
    // handle error and/or do stuff 

set infrared led state ('on' or 'off') note: IrMode must be set to 'manual' or setting the state will have no effect

client.setIrState(state, function(err, resp){
    // handle error and/or do stuff 


create a file in the ./tests/ directory called config.json as below (obviously, substitute your values)

    "testcamera": {

run the following

npm test