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forward log data from a bunch of watched log files over the network with a simple json protocol

Tails a file. it should work great. it will continue to work even if a file is unlinked rotated or truncated. It is also ok if the path doesnt exist before watching it

if you install globally you will get forwardho as a command it accepts options as arguments or reads them from the most local forwardho.json

$> forwardho

as a library

var forwardho = require('forwardho'),
client = forwardho({host:'localhost',port:5140,logs:['/var/log/some.log','/var/log/someother.log']});

to shutdown

## install
npm install -g forwardho
### library argument structure
client = forwardho(options);
- options. supported custom options are
where tailOptions can be the following  tailfd options. right now tail options are always applied to all logs watched by this client.
//optional. defaults to newline but can be anything
// the options object is passed to watchfd as well. With watchfd you may configure
"timeout": 60*60*1000, //defaults to one hour
//how long an inactive file descriptor can remain inactive before being cleared
"timeoutInterval":60*5*1000 //every five minutes
// how often to check for inactive file descriptors
//the options object is also passed directly to and fs.watchFile so you may configure
"persistent":true, //defaults to true
//persistent indicates whether the process should continue to run as long as files are being watched
"interval":0, //defaults 0
//interval indicates how often the target should be polled, in milliseconds. (On Linux systems with inotify, interval is ignored.) 
#### watch file and watch may behave differently on different systems here is the doc for it.