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    A combined form and API platform for Serverless applications is a revolutionary combined Form and API platform for Serverless applications. This repository serves as the core Form and API engine for This system allows you to build "serverless" data management applications using a simple drag-and-drop form builder interface. These forms can then easily be embedded within your Angular.js and React applications using the <formio> HTML element. is Hiring!

    If you like what you see, and would like to come and work for a cutting edge, Open Source core company, then please apply online @!

    Walkthrough video and tutorial

    For a walkthrough tutorial on how to use this Open Source platform to build a Serverless application, watch the video 0 to M.E.A.N in 30 minutes

    Form Building & Rendering Demo

    Here is a link to a demo of the Form Building and Form Rendering capability that can be hooked into this API platform.

    Run with Docker Compose

    The fastest way to run this library locally is to use Docker.

    • Install Docker

    • Download and unzip this package to a local directory on your machine.

    • Open up your terminal and navigate to the unzipped folder of this library.

    • Type the following in your terminal

      npm install
      docker-compose up
    • Go to the following URL in your browser.

    • Use the following credentials to login.

    • To change the admin password.

      • Once you login, click on the Admin resource
      • Click View Data
      • Click on the row
      • Click Edit Submission
      • Set the password field
      • Click Save Submission
      • Logout
    • Have fun!

    Manual Installation (Node + MongoDB)

    To get started you will first need the following installed on your machine.

    Running with Node.js

    You can then download this repository, navigate to the folder in your Terminal, and then type the following.

    npm install
    npm start

    This will walk you through the installation process. When it is done, you will have a running management application running at the following address in your browser.


    The installation process will also ask if you would like to download an application. If selected, the application can be found at the following URL.


    You can also see the contents of the application (for modification) within the app folder which exists inside of the folder where you downloaded this repository.


    To start server with auto restart capability for development simply run this command:

    npm run start:dev

    Deploy to Hosted

    If you wish to deploy all of your forms and resources into the Hosted platform @, you can do this by using the CLI command line tool.

    npm install -g formio-cli

    Once you have this tool installed, you will need to follow these steps.

    • Create a new project within
    • Create an API Key within this project by going to the Project Settings | Stage Settings | API Keys
    • Next, you can execute the following command to deploy your local project into Hosted
    formio deploy http://localhost:3001 https://{PROJECTNAME} --dst-key={APIKEY}

    You will need to make sure you replace {PROJECTNAME} and {APIKEY} with your new Hosted project name (found in the API url), as well as the API key that was created in the second step above.

    This will then ask you to log into the local server (which can be provided within the Admin resource), and then after it authenticates, it will export the project and deploy that project to the hosted form.

    License Change (March 8th, 2020)

    This library is now licensed under the OSL-v3 license, which is a copy-left OSI approved license. Please read the license @ for more information. Our goal for the change to OSLv3 from BSD is to ensure that appropriate Attribution is provided when creating proprietary products that leverage or extend this library.


    We will be updating the help guides found @ as questions arise and also to help you get started with

    Thanks for using!

    The Team.


    If you find and/or think you have found a Security issue, please quietly disclose it to, and give us sufficient time to patch the issue before disclosing it publicly.


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