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Installation and setup

To install formide-client, go through the following steps.

npm install -g formide-client

This will install formide-client globally. After installing, you can run the following command to start the client for the first time. This will automatically create the needed directories for the database and file storage.



formide-client needs the following requirements:

  • ARM linux (tailored for The Element, also tested on Raspberry Pi 2 and 3, and Beagle Bone Black)
  • MacOS also works, but with limited functionality for native implementations like Wi-Fi
  • NodeJS 4.x (the LTS release) and accompanying NPM version
  • A working internet connection for cloud functionality


You can contribute to formide-client by closing issues (via fork -> pull request to development), adding features or just using it and report bugs! Please check the issue list of this repo before adding new ones to see if we're already aware of the issue that you're having.


Please check for licensing information.